Controller types

Difference among controller - driver - controller/driver

All components are needed for driving the LCD modules.

The controller merely works as a control for the drivers. It has filed in its internal memory a character set necessary for showing characters on the display. It is the component that is controlled by the microcomputer so that the LCD module can work. It has for this purpose, among others, the data lines DB0 till DB7. This way, a mere controlling component can never control a bigger display without drivers.
Drivers are controlled by the controller. They serve solely for supplying a certain number of outputs (channels) with voltage. These outputs are determined by the controller. Consequently, a driver can never control a display without a controller, unless the microcomputer can take over the function of the controller.
This type incorporates the functions of controller and driver. Thereby, in opposition to the driver, the maximal quantity of horizontal (common) and vertical (segments) outputs that can be controlled is indicated. The only possible dispute is if the controller contains a driver or vice versa. This device is sufficient for controlling by itself a not too big display.


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